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Governor Dayton Proposes Increase In State Water Fees

March 28, 2013

Governor Mark Dayton proposed an increase in state water fees. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The proposal would raise millions of dollars for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
  • The increase, if passed by the Legislature, would more than double the amount generated by permit fees – from $5 million annually to nearly $11.8 million annually.
  • The DNR would use the funds to study water levels of local underground aquifers.
  • The price increase will be in the form of Permit Fees – aimed at the heavy users:  Municipalities, Farmers and Industry.
  • Homeowners will only see an increase of approximately $1 annually, while an average farm would see an increase from $140 – $500 per year, according to state estimates.
  •  The increase in funds would allow state hydrogeologists to place additional monitors to track underground water levels.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 28, 2013, Brad Schrade