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It’s September. Do you know how or when to winterize your irrigation system?

Minneapolis sprinkler winterizationIt won’t be long until it starts getting cold. Here in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area, it’s time to start thinking about storing our boats for the winter, time to start thinking about closing up the pool for the winter and also time to think about winterizing your sprinkler system.

The reason I mentioned the above 3 tasks is because they all have to do with water. As we all know, if we choose to not winterize our boat or pool on time (or at all), damage will occur, causing us much grief and costing us lots of money to repair.  The same holds true for your irrigation system. Water freezing within your system can be devastating and very costly.

Here at Conserva of Twin Cities, our goal is to make sure no sprinkler system goes un-winterized. That’s why we charge only $65 to winterize your entire residential system – no matter the size. When we tell you about our process, you’ll be even more amazed at the low cost. While many irrigation contractors will run some air through the lines until the next closest head stops releasing water, we spend time on every single head making sure your entire system is taken care of professionally. Often this effort pays off in more ways than one.

Water seeps down, air bubbles up

It’s quite possible that you could have lateral line leaks, a hole in your drip irrigation lines, or leaking seals on the bottom side of your sprinkler heads and never know it. Here’s why. Water drips downward so if part of your system is losing water, you may never know. It’s easy to see a broken head but you may never notice leaks in your irrigation lines. These leaks could have been caused by animals chewing on the line or from a quick slice from a gardening tool. Not only could you be literally dumping water this season, think about all the seasons to come.

When Conserva Irrigation winterizes your system, controlled compressed air is used to evacuate the water from the water lines.  At the same time, our certified technician observes Minneapolis sprinkler blowoutsthe process zone by zone, head by head, and takes notes accordingly.  If we see air bubbling up, we know we’ve found a problem. Before we leave, we provide you with transparent flat rate pricing for fixing any leaks or holes in your system. If you want to wait until the next season to make the fixes, you will know exactly what to budget. Be assured that when you call next year, our office staff will have the same exact estimate in front of them when the appointment is set.  And when our technician arrives, they too will have access to the agreed upon repairs – ensuring that you have the best, most efficient irrigation system that utilizes only the right amount of water at the right times for the right irrigation.

Over 46 million residential sprinkler systems need to be winterized in the U.S. Here at Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities, our goal is to provide the best winterization for our Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metro.

We winterize all systems

No matter who installed your system or which brand it may be, we at Conserva want to winterize it for you. Do you have an older system that might need to be upgraded in the next

Russ Jundt Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

Russ Jundt
Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

year or two? That’s the best reason to have us winterize your system. We will provide a priced list of what needs to be updated on your system. You determine when you want to make those upgrades. We want to help you plan for the most efficient sprinkler system.

Give us a call now to set up winterization for your Minneapolis irrigation system. Call 763-434-5414.