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Green system. Green lawn. Green in your pocket. Can your Minneapolis irrigation system do that?

water conservation Minneapolis sprinklers lrIt’s odd to look at a water distribution system from a water conservation perspective. But we’ve done this on the inside of our homes. We look at our toilets, faucets and shower heads. They are designed to use water. We conscientiously think about making those more efficient to be environmentally friendly. We are willing to invest in low-flow toilets and shower heads, are happy to turn off the faucet while we’re brushing. Being conscientious about the environment is admirable and beneficial.

The reality is that, while this helps, it pales in comparison to the benefits of water conservation on the water used outside our homes. Here’s an example. Throughout the country, the price of water varies dramatically. Here in the Twin Cities the same holds true, with some cities charging as little at $1.90 per 1000 gallons – all the way up to over $13 per 1000 gallons. On average, we use about 100 gallons/day our homes for all our water use which includes running the kitchen sink, showers, and toilets.

Compared to that 100 gallons/day of water usage inside our homes, a 7-zone irrigation system uses about 2500 gallons of water to go around the yard just once. Assuming a $3.80/1000 gallons, that equates to about $9.50/day for a system that only waters once/day. You’re easily getting upward of $20/day for a 15-zone system which is common on 1/2 acre lots or a 7-zone system that goes off twice/day. This translates to $35 – $150/week on the low side. Imagine what you could purchase for $35 – $150/week if you weren’t spending that money on your irrigation system.

What if you didn’t need to turn off your irrigation system to dramatically reduce the water used in your system? What if you could reduce your system’s water use by 40-60%? You could have a “greener system”, a greener lawn, and would save quite a bit of green.

Conserva Irrigation – Twin Cities was founded on this concept. We value environmental responsibility. We provide that with innovative water conserving irrigation techniques using our Conserva system and top-of-the-line Toro® components. We do this in a professional manner by having highly trained and qualified Conserva Irrigation professionals work on your irrigation system.

Russ Jundt Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

Russ Jundt
Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

To schedule your FREE INSPECTION in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul community, we welcome your call. Give us a ring at (763) 434-5414, email us at twincities@conservairrigation.com or visit our website at www.conservairrigation.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping make your irrigation system an efficient water conservation system.