How is your Twin Cities MN commercial irrigation system performing?

Plain and simple. Your commercial irrigation system is almost certainly using way too much water. And that excess water usage is driving several consequences.

  1. You’re flushing money down the drain
  2. You’re throwing clean water away

At Conserva Irrigation Twin Cities, our company was founded with the premise of conserving water used for irrigation. We help our residential clients use 40% – 60% less water in their irrigation system and want to help you do the same.

How do we do that? It starts with smart technology. We use only Toro® irrigation technology. Both Toro and Conserva Irrigation work to ensure your turf and landscaping get only the right amount of water. Sufficient irrigation is never sacrificed. Toro is an over 100 year old company dedicated to turf and landscaping management. Toro, and Conserva both realize that overwatering can be just as damaging as not providing enough water.

Here’s how we can help you reach the optimal level of water usage for your facility and help you use 40% – 60% less water on irrigation. We utilize our proprietary tiered audit system to identify inefficiencies in your system. In our Tier 1 audit, we measure irrigated acreage via aerial photography. We obtain water usage reports from the corresponding municipalities and determine application efficiencies and inefficiencies. We then determine the water usage goals and determine both technology and process to manage and reduce your water usage.

If we need more data to determine the efficiencies and inefficiencies, we conduct a Tier 2 audit. In this audit, we evaluate all system zones and record/observe the controller and system functionality in order to document system repairs and improvements.

Next steps? After the system audit, we recommend critical repairs and adjustments. We then perform a Conserva technology retrofit. This includes replacing simple timers with the Toro EVOLUTION®  smart controller. We also pair on-site weather stations with Toro Precision soil moisture sensors if necessary. After optimizing your system performance, we work with you to monitor and maintain your system.

Let us bring our passion, process and technology to you. Call us to engage in optimizing the performance of your irrigation system. Call (763) 434-5414. We look forward to your call.


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