At Conserva Irrigation, values are not an afterthought, they drive everything we do

Many companies have penned a mission statement and core values. Most often these are established after the fact. Perhaps it is to retroactively instill a particular sensibility among its staff. Perhaps it’s when the company is large or distributed enough that something should guide their day-to-day decision making. Perhaps a board or new management wants to ensure that future goals and processes stay in line. Or worse yet, maybe these are established out of a sense of responsibility to have them.

Because we are in the business of conserving water used for irrigation, what we do has to be a values-led proposition from the very start. And it is. While irrigation systems seem like simple systems from the “surface”, a lot goes on under the surface, behind the scenes, with the technology, and in the installation process.

Last week I was working with Conserva Irrigation with team members on a mission to install a system. Because of rain, we were not able to install that day but we planned, prepared, organized, pre-fitted, marked, color coded and attended to every other possible detail to ensure the installation would be performed properly and effectively by a different set of technicians that would be returning for the actual installation.

Professionalism, protocol and process

At Conserva, professionalism is core value #1. That professionalism is extended not only to the customers we serve but to each other, our customers and even to our customers’ neighbors as you’ll see in the video below. During our pre-installation process, we marked the neighbors’ sprinkler heads to ensure no disruption to their system. We fully pre-prepped the installation not only to ensure the installers did the job right but as a nod indicating our professional courtesy and respect to our team partners. Take a look at the pre-installation at this home.

Innovation is another driver and core value in accomplishing our goals of effectively installing the best water conserving irrigation systems. As you saw in the video above, we use only Toro products because they are the most innovative products available on the market.

The work we do, from selecting partners and innovative technology, to installing, to servicing, is values led, professional and environmentally responsible from before we say the word go.

Russ Jundt Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

Russ Jundt
Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

At Conserva Irrigation, our core values are a way of life and our standard course in everything we do. Contact us to install your new Minneapolis irrigation system or to schedule your FREE INSPECTION on your existing system. Give us a ring at (763) 434-5414, email us at or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you and helping make your irrigation system an efficient water conservation system.


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