Can we really do what we say? Can we really save 40 – 60% on your Twin Cities irrigation system’s water bills?

As we’ve noted before, it’s a little odd that we are in the business of irrigation but at the same time committed to conserving water. But we are. We’ve found a great way to be environmentally conscientious, conserve water, and drastically cut down your watering bill. Here’s how.

Toro Evolution Controller ET Weather Sensor and Soil Sensor Minneapolis

The 3 Toro irrigation system components above are what we like to think of as the trifecta in turning your irrigation system into a smart and water conserving system. These 3 critical components work with each other to make sure your system delivers the right amount of water, at the right time, delivered by the right products.

To the left on the picture above is the Toro EVOLUTION® Controller. The controller stores 40 years of weather data specific to your latitude and longitude. The stored weather is E.T. data or EvapoTranspiration data, meaning, what evaporates through the air or transpires from the plant material. Think of E.T. as the opposite of rain – the amount of water that leaves the earth. Basically, it stores data on what goes back up after the rain.

Our goal as irrigators is to replenish what was taken away but we want to do that in a smart way. As you know, the weather has been atypical the last couple years. It has not been weather normal. That brings us to the second component – the Toro ET Weather Sensor. At about the size of a fist, the ET sensor records what is happening right now on that exact property and communicates that data back to the controller. That way weather past is having a conversation with weather present; and this conversation takes place every night.

While the Controller has 40 years worth of weather data, the tiny fist-sized Toro ET Weather Sensor collects lots of “right now” data. It collects data on cloud activity. It has a UV indicator. The peg at the top is a water sensor which records a rainfall event. The bottom portion of the sensor collects on-site ambient temperature and employs an algorithm to take humidity into consideration.

The smart override

What if all the data indicates that it’s time to irrigate but the ground itself says no? The Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor has two 6″ stainless steel probes in the earth. If the earth around that particular zone doesn’t need watering, those sprinkler heads will not go off. Have you ever gritted your teeth when yours or someone else’s irrigation system goes off while it’s raining? Not gonna happen with Toro and Conserva. Just not going to over water. And that… is what saves you 40 – 60% on your irrigation.

Russ Jundt Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

Russ Jundt
Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

To schedule your FREE INSPECTION in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul community, we welcome your call. Give us a ring at (763) 434-5414, email us at or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you and helping make your irrigation system an efficient water conservation system.



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