Our Core Values Set Us Apart in the Minneapolis Sprinkler Industry

What makes Conserva Irrigation different from other sprinkler companies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro? Why choose us over someone else? The answer is simple: it’s our core values of professionalism, innovation and responsibility that give us an edge. This in turn gives you peace of mind and long term savings.

Core Priority #1: Professionalism

With Conserva, a professional will show up to service your system.

With Conserva, a professional will show up to service your system.

When you make an appointment to set up a service call, who is going to show up? Professionalism in appearance and performance are job one. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is even more critical when a service person arrives at your house. Our trained technicians arrive on time in recognizable, branded Conserva Irrigation apparel. We arrive in fully-equipped service trucks, ready to run our complimentary 12-point sprinkler system analysis on your landscape. With our System Efficiency Score (SES), we can pinpoint exactly what irregularities are happening with your lawn’s irrigation system.

Performance is the second key with professionalism. Perhaps, you have sprinkler heads that need replacing. There could be a valve malfunction or some other issue creating wet or dry patches in your various landscaping zones. Whatever it is, there is no cost to you for us to assess your system. If you need work done, we give you a flat rate price quote. This flat rate pricing levels the field. There is no more guessing what the repair is going to cost or wondering if that cost was based on your zip code or neighborhood. Many times, we can make our repairs on the spot. Our trained technicians thoroughly understand the irrigation industry. Our work is 100% guaranteed. All the time. Every time.

Core Priority #2: Innovation

water conservation Minneapolis sprinklers lrWhen we think of technology, we seldom have issues with updating our computer equipment or cell phones to the most reputable or effective model. When it comes to our sprinkler system; however, we tend to think that there are no upgrades that are ever needed, save an occasional broken sprinkler head repair. You may wonder what type of improvements are available for a sprinkler system. Aren’t they just fancy nozzles that attach to underground hoses and save you work? If you’ve ever watched in dismay as your sprinkler system went off during a rainstorm, you know that isn’t true. Ultimately, an efficient irrigation system will let you have a healthy beautiful lawn while keeping the maximum amount of money in your pocket, instead of in the water company’s bank account. At Conserva Irrigation, we have teamed up with none other than the world leader in residential, commercial and golf sprinkler systems: Toro®.  The Toro Company works tirelessly to create the most efficient watering systems on the planet. Through this partnership, we gain access and inspiration on how to transform each Minneapolis sprinkler system to create optimally healthy lawns, with perfect watering processes.

Core Priority #3: Responsibility

Being able to conserve water saves you money every month on your watering bill. It also goes a long way toward being a good steward with our natural resources. The difficulties arise in how to successfully go about conserving water effectively versus simply throwing money at a problem. Did you know that even one very small leak can waste more than 6,300 gallons of water each month? The case for conservation is a simple one: we all need to do our part. At Conserva Irrigation, using water responsibly is at the heart of our business. That good consciousness gets passed to you effortlessly. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources quoted environmentalist Daniel Chiras, from his book Lessons from Nature, “…building a sustainable society does not mean reverting to a primitive existence. The challenge is to find a new synthesis that melds the wisdom of nature with human institutions and technologies and lifestyles.” Having an irrigation system that combines targeted watering with conserving is a win-win for you and the environment.

It takes the winning combination of professionalism and innovation, combined with conservation to create a company to efficiently service, install, and repair your Minneapolis sprinkler system and to guarantee your peace of mind. Our core values set us apart in the Minneapolis sprinkler industry. Another positive side effect of stopping sprinkler leaks and using a more efficient watering system is that many of our happy customers have reduced their water bill by over 40%!

Russ Jundt Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

Russ Jundt
Conserva Irrigation Co-Founder

To schedule your complimentary Twin Cities irrigation check-up, give us a call at (763) 434-5414, drop us an email at twincities@conservairrigation.com or visit our website at www.conservairrigation.com.


EPA/Water Sense



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