Saving the planet 20,000 gallons at a time

Underwater rivers make up a vast freshwater resource for Minnesota. Called groundwater, these deep underwater rivers and aquifers supply over 95% of the world’s freshwater reserves, and over 69% of Minneapolis’ public water consumption (in the form of municipal and private wells). We tend to think of groundwater as a part of the water cycle, where rain, ice and melting snow “restock” the water supply. Under ideal water conditions, with sufficient rain/snowfall, this is true for the groundwater that hovers just below the surface. Deeper ancient stored groundwater, sometimes called fossil water or paleo water, is another matter entirely. Once those water stores are depleted, they are not renewable. More and more reports continue to emerge regarding the expanding usage and growing impact on groundwater reserves, even here in our state. Water scarcity, as seen by the recent droughts, and the lingering plummet in water levels at several of our area lakes, including White Bear Lake, make conserving groundwater something even we Minnesotans with our 10,000 lakes need to take to heart.

Where do we start? How can we, in the Twin Cities, be responsible with our water usage without it impacting our quality of life? Conserving water can take on many forms, from turning off the water while washing hands or brushing teeth, to taking a shower that is just a minute shorter than your personal “normal”. Even installing low-flow shower heads and toilets helps save gallons per use. However; the water savings from these well-intentioned measures are just a drop in the bucket compared to ensuring that your lawn’s sprinkler system is working properly. One broken sprinkler head can leak over 20,000 gallons of Minnesota groundwater during the season: that is practically a small pond! And if you have more than one damaged head: yikes! Can you imagine a city’s worth of leaky sprinkler systems and how much water that adds up to?

You can help prevent literally hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going to waste here in the Twin Cities. Conserva Irrigation offers a free 12-point sprinkler system inspection.  No matter who installed it or when, our trusted professionals will give your system a thorough check and make certain that it is running as efficiently as possible.  Stopping leaks not only helps conserve groundwater, it also puts money back in your pocket by reducing your water bill. The positive side effect of stopping leaks and using a more efficient watering system is that many of our happy customers have reduced their water bill by over 40%! To schedule your complimentary sprinkler system inspection in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul community, and do you part to saving the planet 20,000 gallons at a time, give us a call today at (763) 434-5414 or email at



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