Moving Heads

Have you been told to “Move Some Heads” on your irrigation system?

Why would an irrigation service technician suggest this?

As homeowners, our yards and landscaped areas change over time for a variety of reasons:

  • Decks, Screened Porches or Patios are added to our homes and yards
  • Borders change
  • Shrubs and gardens grow and expand
  • Swing sets, hot tubs and other fun toys are added
  • And so on….

The Solution:

A trained irrigation technician can move heads to accommodate the landscape change(s) so that the intended turf or landscape can more effectively and efficiently be watered.  Some systems are built with saddles and swing pipe while others are built with risers, and still others are built in a variety of unique ways.  A properly trained technician, coupled with a properly stocked service vehicle, can accomplish these head movements with relative ease.  More importantly, there is little or no damage to the turf and landscape while moving the heads, so in no time, the yard will recover and the irrigation system will perform much better.


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